Quality Commitment

The pursuit of Total Quality is a way of life at Galaxy International Group. It has always been part of its business culture to achieve the highest quality measures.  Our understanding of the Total Quality is to achieve the highest internal and external quality performance. Internal Quality Performance: Is to work in high performance workflow model, with teamwork concept, in a professional working environment, with creative minds and long vision policy, to increase the productivity and save a valuable time. External Quality Performance: Is to understand who is our customer and what are his requirements, and meeting those requirements without error, on time, every time, before, during and after sales.  The Total Quality is a commitment backed by the owners, the management and the highly qualified professional employees.  In today's competitive market, our target is to constantly improve the performance of our work and the quality of our services to ensure complete satisfaction of our customers.

Galaxy International Group provides quality service to its clients by considering them as partners, listening to their needs and responding fairly up to the Group standards. The Group values the innovation and does its utmost to incorporate easy–to– use innovative features into its products with a total commitment to quality. It attracts, motivates, and retains high-performance people in all areas of business, and maintains personal and training growth into the organization. Apart from this, Galaxy International Group is also joining its hands with third parties to offer a turnkey IT solution to the major enterprise clients.    

Technology Focus:

Galaxy International Group has always been in touch with the major IT industry developments to capture the latest technologies, which drive market trends.  

ISO Certification:

Galaxy International Group is proud to declare that its Jordan branch was granted the ISO 9001 certificate which enhanced the quality, diversification, and development of company's products, programming methods, and strategies to introduce the full solutions where needed.